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Oct 24 2010 @ NoisefeSTL
w/ The Lonely Procession, Developer, Plasmic Formations, Epicycle, Nom de Plume, John Madigan Moloney, The Man & The Scientist, xALLxFORxTHISx, Eliot Watson + Clusterfuck.

Jan 19 2011 @ GATES OF HELL
w/ Ajar, John Madigan Moloney, Plasmic Formations + Developer

"These videos have in terms of kinesthetics or proprioception a vivid interaction with the mind.  the audio is very calming and the visuals very clear and bold. It left me with a strong feeling of being high! It's a little like an i-dose but maybe more like a magic eye, enjoy with caution !" -Luke Hilton of Fur's Den.

"We would also highlight Bandcamp Giant Claw from a still hot work, The Amiable Juice-a highlight in their discography that dense collection of albums in just over two years, which belongs to a cassette-yes, they returned and is coolest for limited-run split as shared with Medical Mechanica. Invite you to stroll through Keith Rankin discs, audio-visual artist, a close friend of the formula collage." -Hipster Bridge #004