046- Authority "The Room in the Pendulum" c??

045- Gluttoness 2xc62

041- Bryan Lewis Saunders & James Hollenbaugh Region 1-dvd

040- Raven (Serbia) / Authority split c??

038- Boar / Authority split c??

036- Foresight "Time Dude" c52 / dvd

035- Authority "Machu Picchu Two" c??

o34- Sleep (Canada) / Authority c62

033- Bellenger "Trippep Up" cdr

o32- Authority / Werewolf Jerusalem c62

o31- Authority "Machu Picchu One" c30

o3o- Giant Claw / Medical Mechanica split c62

o28- Sex Complex, Julia LaDense, Pregnant Spore & Instinct Control. PC2 cdr. 

027- Medical Mechanica "Water Mammals" c??

o26- Illegal Alien, Nundata, Crank Sturgeon & Alex Adams. PC1 cdr.

o25- Foresight "Huggoh" c62

o24- Ghost (France) "Wash My Soul" cdr

o23- Authority "Stone Craft" c62

o22- Authority "Protect Us, O Lord" cdr

o21- Discretion "The Scrubbing Hole" c47

o2o- Julia LaDense & Nundata "Calm Before The Storm" c47

o19- VOB / Inbreeder c62

o17- Foresight "Mutagen Magical" cdr

o16- Pregnant Spore "Chest Absence" c47

o15- Medical Mechanica "メヂメカ MediMeka" cdr.

o14- Diagram A "Fig. 5d Fibrous" c47

o13- Ooblvn Aanyms c47
o12- John Madigan Moloney "I Love The Witches" c47

o1o- Developer "oktoo10" c47

009-Being / Diaphragmatic "Brothers" split c??

oo8- Nundata / Foresight "Intl Split" c92

oo7- Foresight "これはレイガンでわない。" c84

oo6- Voyeurist "Vol 1: Field Recordings & Stolen Moments" c??

oo5- JE Barajas - Hol[ ]y Orange dvd+cdr
oo4- Head Wound dvd
oo3- Foresight "Imply Shape" c92

oo2- Plasmic Formations / Foresight "Good Is Happy" c92

oo1- To-Night Golden Curls "今朝赤いバロ" vhs